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The Taster Collection - Truffles

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  • Product Code THEVJ31K71

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Beautiful and Contemporary

A sumptious collection of classics, including dark chocolate with a pure chocolate filling, an extravagant white chocolate champagne truffle, the rich nut-based gianduja milk chocolate truffle, a deep, warm rum classic and the unmistakeable kirsch encased in dark chocolate.

Contains 9 chocolates of 5 different kinds taken from our truffle collection and 1 chocolate taster bar.

PLAIN TRUFFLE: A silky smooth ganache centre hand dipped in a rich dark chocolate.

CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE: A beautiful combination of fresh cream ganache, Marc de Champagne and white chocolate.

GIANDUJA TRUFFLE: A smooth hazelnut ganache, hand rolled in sugar to give a mouthwatering contrast in textures.

RUM TRUFFLE: A classic decadent truffle with a strong kick of dark rum and hand rolled in drak chocolate.

KIRSCH TRUFFLE: A delicately creamy, soft truffle centre with a generous dash of Kirsch, covered with a layer of dark chocolate.

MILK CHOCOLATE TASTER BAR: Creamy milk chocolate with the mellow undertones of caramel.