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The Taster Collection - Tastes and Textures

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  • Product Code THEQDP4W69

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A luxurious collection of our hand picked favourites with an intensly dark chocolate taster bar.

An intriguing selection inspired by the traditions and fillings of European chocolatiers. Vibrant truffles, pralines, caramel, marzipan and walnut topped ganache give a variety of texture and flavour whilst the plain chocolate tablet allows the quality of the pure ingredients to shine.

Contains 9 chocolates and 1 chocolate taster bar.

PEPPERMINT TRUFFLE: An adventurous lively experience. A fresh cream ganache infused with peppermint oil for a full on flavour (taken from the Truffle Collection).

PRALINE: A velvety smooth hazelnut praline encased in a rich dark chocolate shell (taken fron the Signature Collection - Non Alcoholic).

MANDEL: Two pretty layers of white and pink premium marzipan, enriched with milk or dark chocolate (taken from the Signature Collection).

CARAMEL: A wonderfully creamy, soft caramel centre held in a milk or dark chocolate case (taken from the Signature Collection).

WALNUT CUP: A pure roasted walnut ganache in a beautiful ribbed cup, decorated with a crunchy walnut top (takne from the Signature Collection).

PLAIN CHOCOLATE TASTER BAR: A deliciously intense experience using our finest dark Belgian chocolate.