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The Love Collection

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The Love Collection

Decadent and Beautiful

A heavenly collection of velvety smooth fresh cream ganaches generously laced with premium liqueurs such as Amaretto, Baileys, Kirsch and Champagne, and our classic milk centre, all hand dipped and enrobed in crisp white, milk or dark chocolate.

Contains 15 chocolates of 5 different kinds taken from our truffle collection.

AMERETTO TRUFFLE: A lavish splash of Amaretto gives this dark chocolate truffle a comforting taste sensation.

BAILEYS TRUFFLE: A milk chocolate enrobed truffle combined with the classic indulgent taste of Baileys to create a truly beautiful liquer chocolate.

KIRSCH TRUFFLE: A delicately creamy, soft truffle centre with a gererous dash of Kirsch, covered with a layer of dark chocolate.

CHAMPAGNE TRUFFLE: A beautiful combination of fresh cream ganache, Marc de Champagne and white chocolate.

MILK TRUFFLE: A delicate and luxurious classic truffle, fresh cream ganache in a handrolled chocolate outer.